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Background Info on Deferral Account Goulais and St Joseph Island


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 The CRTC announced on Thursday, 17 January 2008 approval for the expenditure of Deferral Account funds on the expansion of broadband and service to the disabled in selected areas under CRTC regulatory control which includes most of Ontario including the Algoma District. The specific details of the announcement can be found at the CRTC website at:

Previously, the CRTC had requested that incumbent telephone carriers in an area submit proposals to the CRTC on how they would implement the broadband expansion in the CRTC selected areas. In the case of the Algoma District, Bell Aliant submitted plans for the service centres in Goulais and St. Joseph Island.

Bell Aliant proposed and the CRTC approved the Bell Aliant plans to provide Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service to the 2 service centres between Q2 and Q4 of 2008 (01 Apr to 30 Sep 08). Bell Aliant requested and was granted confidentially by the CRTC on specific details of plan due to competitive considerations.

In November of 2006 and subsequent updates, the CRTC posted a wealth of information pertaining to the Deferral Accounts at the following page including maps of the proposed areas under consideration.

Once at the page, scroll down to Section 2e) - Interrogatories. The file containing the maps for the 705 area code is in file (7mb). Map NPA 705- map4 covers the Algoma District areas of interest (see below).
You will require the ability to unzip a file and use a PDF viewer.

The link highlighted in yellow below will take you directly to the maps.

Section 2e) Interrogatories

2007-03-30 - Bell Canada
Description:  In accordance with paragraph 25 of Telecom Public Notice CRTC 2006-15 (PN 2006-15) and as amended by the Commission's letter dated 11 January 2007, Bell Canada (or the Company) submits the attached interrogatories to parties to this proceeding.
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